We use nothing but the latest high-end video cameras for our shoots. How is it possible that we use the latest gear and are still so very affordable?

We rent them.


Because it’s smarter.

About every six months, all the top video camera companies release a better, faster, cooler camera for up to tens of thousands of dollars rendering last year’s gear obsolete. We rent the best cameras for the project, keeping our prices very low, our footage world class, and our clients’ budgets intact.


Now that quality cameras have become more accessible and 9 out of 10 introspective teens list ‘photographer’ on their resumes, standing out in the sea of online video is requiring more and more sparkle.


Motion Graphics has been a long-heralded weapon in the TG Studios arsenal.  Since the earliest days of flash video, TGS has pushed the envelope in creating captivating presentations known throughout the industry for their distinctive “WOW” factor.


Editing is king. It’s the lead role in any production. Effective editing requires timing, attention to detail, and more often than not – a sense of humor.
Observe the video to the left to see how footage from a simple sales shoot was transformed into a hip-hop delight.